Are YOU an Overcomer? …So are YOU an example of Grace AND Forgiveness?

“Grace and forgiveness only come down from above through those who allow it to flow; So we must be willing to look up to see perfection and not at others who always let us down… or how shall we love them as Christ does, if we only see their faults and not look for the good in them that God is doing…. We must choose to remain in the light to see” ~Ernie

But when we “fail”… “fall short” of giving grace and forgiveness to another… we hold our selves in bondage INSTEAD of feeling free and at peace! And able to be used IN that situation to help them who let us down!… Because remember only the devil comes to hinder you the Christian… seeking whom he MAY devour!….. …But he must put “you” in bondage to keep you from finding the strength to resist him! Or he must flee! James 4:7 says resist the devil and he WILL flee!

Failure in this area of giving grace and forgiveness to others is form of bondage to hold you back! And always possible as none are perfect, we all fall short of Glory of God. But failure is not final unless “we allow it” to overcome us!

Actually I see failure is only opportunity to learn how to be overcomers of obstacles that hinder us! And “we” are to BE overcomers! A people that look to Jesus who always “gives all the more grace”… to us! James 4:6 tells us that! …Uummm.

When you remain under the power of the word of God that is “remain” humble before God…not “requiring” ANYTHING of the one who offended you, and trust the word of God “remain in it”, and act like Jesus who gave us His blood freely for us to receive forgiveness…Who did not require payment from us to receive it from Him; And we are to be like Christ as Christians.

And we can learn to be overcomers like Him too, not loving ourself more than Jesus, so I die to self to give grace and forgive another as…. I have freely received, and freely now give.(see Mat10:8) So I can then be “free in deed…actions”! Because I choose to “remain” submitted to word…even in a painful situation for me. (see John8:31-32)

Rev12:11Nasb- “And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.” …

Every time I face being hurt, or offended by someone I face dying to myself to give grace and forgive as Christ did for me, trusting in His everlasting words to guide me “over” that situation or circumstance sent to hinder me.

So i do not have to except being “under the circumstance” … or I am not under the word of God (humble)… When I am under the authority of the Word… I am now over all my circumstances! And overcome the hindrances… That I might remain free and ABLE to help free another! … Selah!.. meaning= “Think about it”.

Let grace and forgiveness come down and flow through YOU! Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights above! (James 1:17) And He dos not change!

It’s a narrow road …So remain in the light of His word!
And Be Blessed! Pastor Ernie

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