Are we our brother’s keeper?… Hmmm…What about the body? What about Christians in other countries?

We see in the world many attacks on fellow Christians, who we must remember are part of the same body of Christ as us….but some Christians are hurting and die needlessly. Like those the Lord said who slept early. (1Cor11:30) You see sometimes “we” could change, or do something to prevent it, and continue on here serving the Lord. Sometimes we have the choice. ( Philippians 1:23-25 ) As Paul seems to have thought, having almost lost all hope…but deciding it better for their sakes to remain and help them. Who sent him help in his distress….Hmmmm…
And sometimes one nation’s Christians do not do all they can to assist other nations Christians as they should, as it is just a different location in the body….If “we” are of one body…then we should care for “all” our body, and keep it strong and more useable… As Christ does the church.
( Eph 5:29 )- “After all, no one ever hated their own body, but they feed and care for their body, just as Christ does the church–”
Or we will be rendered limited in our scope to reach out more effectively to the lost…which is part of the devil’s plan since the beginning.
And sometimes “we” do not go assist when a brother falls attacked by satan, to raise them up again…instead just accepting what we see as final. As Paul taught by this example to the church, when he did not accept circumstances, and went and raised up the boy who fell from high window, restoring him to the body. (Acts 20:9-11 )
Many would have accepted those circumstances and said sadly, “God took him home, it was his time.” Not Paul. Because we are all one body… And Christ works through “us” on this side of the cross! So “we” are to equip, strengthen and protect the body we have now, as much as is in our power to do so…and not just focus on seeking to add more to the body daily. Because many Christians are under attack in the world, and need all the assistance they can get, anyway they can get it.
Not everyone is called to be a martyr…but all are called to die to self.
Is there something …anything “you” could do here to help a brother somewhere else under attack? Yes we must pray ! And sometimes, also make a phone call perhaps? Or send a email to your congressman?
Because sometimes the right hand, must help, and care for the left arm, so it does not “needlessly” get amputated from the body, simply because of a lack of attention to the circumstances affecting it. Think on that.
The Lord has called “us” to help His body “and” also reach out to the unsaved. ( Prov1:24 )-“I called you so often, but you wouldn’t come. I reached out to you, but you paid no attention.” And the voice of the attacked comes to us in those words as well…because WE are the body of Christ. The bible says when YOU have done “all”…then you can stand.( Eph 6:13 ) Have you done all yet? Have you done anything?… to try and help those Christians under attack in other countries?…
Notice the armour is to be PUT ON by “us” over the whole body “for protection”, and “also” to allow the body “to fight” victoriously over the enemy. We “believers” in Christ are one body…So ask what you can do here now, and find something for your hand to do for the Lord… because i believe some die needlessly. … Have you done all for them? Have you thought about the power you do have from your “current” position of safety here in this nation? Well think on it. Maybe you were called for such a time as this. ~ Rev Ernie Harpster

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