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Famous “last” words of wisdom, spoken by Christian Singles….And Painfully true for those who go “missionary dating”… As seen by the “Church” divorce statistics.

I was looking at a sad cartoon commentary regarding what is commonly referenced as “missionary dating” by singles in the “Church”; But I can attest as a Pastor to those relationships mostly not working out for good…. And it usually started with these famous words …ignored by the one who was peaking them!

“I know I should not be a missionary dater and I probably shouldn’t be with them by looking at them…but I think God wants to use me to change them…and God said He wants me to love them.”  If YOU ever hear yourself saying these words…. ALWAYS ask yourself… Does GOD change? Mal 3:6, and Heb 13:8….both say not ever…

So then; When God, sent YOU… “His words” to guide and protect you…Then what, or whom are you choosing to believe… If any “thought” does not agree with His word??….What is it? Uummm…
God said to all Christians especially those contemplating marriage this….

2Cor 6:14- Here in Amplified as closer to Greek intent-“Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers [do not make mismated alliances with them or come under a different yoke with them, inconsistent with your faith]. For what partnership have right living and right standing with God with iniquity and lawlessness? Or how can light have fellowship with darkness?”

As we know God does not change (Mal 3:6)… Then for YOU… to do anything that knowingly goes against God IS sin of rebellion! So if you already know the person by there fruit’s…. As Jesus taught us TO DO! (Mat 7:16)…And yet you deceive yourself  by that statement made above that included similar words to “God wants me to change them.”(1Cor 15:33 )… Then why do you think God would also still answer your prayers??

If you have rejected His words! That is “If” you do not first repent…”return to Him” and His word that was sent to guide you,”and lead you”…so you could safely follow Him….then what makes you think He listens? Again I say “if” you don’t repent “change of mind and direction”…why would He listen to what you ask and want??

Read these verses carefully…

John 9:31- We know that God does not hear sinners; but if anyone is God-fearing and does His will, He hears him…. And;
Isa 1:13-15Nasb-“When you come to appear before Me,
Who requires of you this trampling of My courts?
13 “Bring your worthless offerings no longer,
Incense is an abomination to Me.
New moon and sabbath, the calling of assemblies—
I cannot endure iniquity and the solemn assembly.
14 “I hate your new moon festivals and your appointed feasts,
They have become a burden to Me;
I am weary of bearing them.
15 “So when you spread out your hands in prayer,
I will hide My eyes from you;
Yes, even though you multiply prayers,
I will not listen.
Your hands are covered with blood.” …And most Christians know (See 2Chron 7:14 !);
But did you notice the order of wording of that famous verse? Which says “if” my people… will “humble”, TURN from, and Pray…THEN I will hear. Uummm……

And do not forget David! If anyone knew about suffering from wrong relationship choices “knowingly!” It was King David who said in…
Psalm 66:18-“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me:” …

And remember the ramification of David’s sin began with just a lingering look “his visual senses,” that he did not stop to control, that led to the eventual consequence he suffered through, which was exceedingly painful…and dangerous! He could have been stoned for adultery and murder by the law! God gave him Mercy… others in bible were not as fortunate! And Hosea 4:6 says for lack of knowledge… OR for “rejection of knowledge” my people are destroyed… Think on that a minute.

We have grace, and yes we are to share it, and God’s love (correctly)…But Grace does not ever allow “us” license to go against God’s word…that is sin… We are suppose to be His as slaves to righteousness (Rom 6:18)…. bought by a price! (1Cor 6:19-20 ) And suppose to Guard our hearts too! (Prov 4:23)
But Paul said by the Holy Spirit, when asked if we should sin to make grace abound… He answered…God forbid! (Rom 6:15). So be not deceived God is not mocked!  Do you know what that really means?  Here is what that verse actually means as intended by the Greek words.                                                                                                          Gal6:7Amplified-“Do not be deceived and deluded and misled; God will not allow Himself to be sneered at (scorned, disdained, or mocked by mere pretensions or professions, or by His precepts being set aside.) [He inevitably deludes himself who attempts to delude God.] For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap.”

Also do not ever forget if “we” as believers start down a wrong road…BUT we change direction in thought and action “repent”, turn to God…”seek Him”. He hears from heaven and heals, and delivers, and restores “us” who believe, to the right path!….Through Jesus Christ… Whom “we” are to ALWAYS be like sheep with, and follow His voice.

Do not allow your “flesh” to use the five senses as “entrances” to your body, which we were told is the “temple” of God; And do not allow your flesh (which is desires and appetites for this worlds system), to rule over the Spirit of God! (Gal 5;16, Rom 6;12 ) Take authority over it! And walk in the SPirit as a Child of God! (Rom 8;14 )

The Word and Spirit ALWAYS agree… and ALWAYS leads to a higher life for believers… Not down to death, (John 6:63) And Spirit always remains in the Light!… Darkness and light have no fellowship! God said so… Did you see that in first paragraph above in 2Cor 6:14! The question then is…Do you believe God, and follow Him? Do YOUR own fruits (actions) say you do? …Do you follow the narrow road and stay in the light? !

Remember God ALWAYS loves you, and through Jesus Christ you are, or can be restored to the plan that God ALWAYS had for mankind as displayed in the garden with Adam and Eve… and it was there in garden, “before sin” entered that God spoke and said, “It is NOT good for man to be alone”….and God.. brought Eve… to Adam.(Gen 2:18-22)

So then trust God to lead you to a right relationship! One that agrees with the word and remains in the light! …Because…God does not change! And notice most in bible were married… only a few made the CHOICE to stay single… and ONLY one in whole bible I find was ordered by God to remain single… Jeremiah. So have hope! And Faith! …They go together! With Love! ( 1Cor 13:13)

If you have a desire for a relationship with opposite sex, then it must only be with the intent of a marriage relationship, or don’t start it! Guard your heart because your relationship desire shall be…”when it is in God’s time, and then It WILL happen for you… By Father God Who makes ALL things beautiful in His time! (Eccl 3:11) Hey if you know it is not good for YOU to be alone …So does God!!! :)
And it will be according to His word…if you follow…Because God does NOT change! Trust Him. Amen! Just make sure your waiting in the light!…Because as for myself a single Christian man I would not ever consider looking for you in the dark! Would you?

And if Jesus is Lord….We should clearly follow the narrow road and stay in the light! Pastor Ernie Harpster

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Hey Church…Are YOU here to make the devil laugh? … Or to give God glory? What are TODAY’S Priorities?…To learn this lesson young….Can save us from so much pain, and embarrassment latter!

As I said…What are TODAY’S Priorities?…Because to learn this lesson young can save us so much pain…
and embarrassment latter! Here is example! And yes I got verses for that! …But let me start with this true story!

I heard this story of a mother and heard it from the mother herself!… This mom has a daughter who was running very late for school one morning, but this daughter decided in the shower, that it was the right moment to also give the cat a bath! Unless of course this daughter is an amazing evangelist and was literally practising Mark 16:15 in the bathroom …and the cat got saved and wanted to be baptised?…NOT!… So then this was definitely not right time for cat bath!…

Yes… Even though it says in Mark16:15 Nasb-15 “And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”…. “When” He sends you!..No not too cats…Lol… Or dogs or pigs either!…( Mat 7: 6 )

But fortunately for daughter this mom had come to check on her daughter, and get her back on track to the place she was supposed to be… Mom realized this was not the right thing, to be doing in this place, at that moment.  Uummm. Think about that…

Because the devil only comes to steal, kill, and destroy  from all of us especially Christians!…”Not our life”….but our ability, and true destiny…”OUR planned use” by God for us!!( Eph 2:10) …Oh it seems biblically true that devil can NOT destroy us by his own choice as Christians…as God keeps us now,(see John 17:15)…Jesus got everything asked for!… After all He only spoke for the Father! (John 12:49) …

But devil “can” steal our ability to fulfil our God created plan… by tempting us to allow it! …Destroying our ability to give God some of His intended glory “where” and “when” God had intended it from us. As it IS really… NOW our time to walk circumspectly, not as unwise but as wise. (Eph 5:15) …See also( Eph 4:27 ) verse just said moments before! So don’t do that!…Don’t give the devil an opportunity!

It is our freewill, and in our power by Holy Spirit given us… “to choose” God’s example or not. ( Eph 5:1) tells us our example! And we are to use the time given us, to glorify Him as His children. As believers “we” all are children to Him….and all of us in training being perfected until His coming.(Philip1:6) By the Spirit and the Word!( John 6:63, 2Tim 3:16 )

And sometimes we all may, at one time or another, wake up and realize we were giving some cat a bath! …When God really intended us to be somewhere else at that time! For someone else! Even Elijah had this problem once!

LOOK! At what “God said” to Elijah … Why are you here Elijah? (1Kings 19:13) Not because God did not know where he was…but because God wanted Elijah to know and see, that Elijah was not where God wanted Him at that moment, as Elijah was NOT doing, and had not been doing… what God had intended to be done by Elijah!

Doing good “zealously” but not what God wanted..YOU to do… is not following God…It is disobedience to His will….We as Christians are not to choose our own way…we should always ask God where our feet should be and when… to see the plan of God fulfilled through us, as God intended it! And accomplish the work given to “us” that was planned for “each”of us to give him glory! God always has a plan… might help us to memorize Eph 2:10!

Read that story about Elijah, and you will see even this great prophet had an issue of going and doing, what “he” thought was right in his own mind… but not what God wanted! God was not in it! And like a good parent! Father God came and checked up on Elijah in a cave, (not in his shower…lol)… and helped Elijah to be still and see his error..that right where Elijah was… that God was not in it.

Father God got Elijah back on track…saying go back the way you came! And follow exactly these directions! And God was in that! That is why it is actually recorded for us to read! And it is not recorded what Elijah said he had zealously been doing on his own for fourty days!.. But God had not sent him, Elijah had taken off in power of the Lord…but without God’s direction!

Sometimes we need to learn to go back …to actually move forward with God’s plan.
Thank God for grace! So that “we can learn” like children to ALWAYS say… “not my will but thy will be done” WITH my new life given me in Christ to live for Him!…So that God may receive the glory he desired for each of “us” to give Him…It is not our plan, but His plan we are to follow, to “fulfil His design”…that He designed us “each” to fulfil here!

Don’t get sidetracked! Cuz… If YOU really don’t want to make the devil laugh! THEN don’t get caught giving a cat a bath.! Lol! … Cats actually give themselves a bath all the time…And probably don’t need you!

Yes it might be a good thing at times…but not a wise thing at the moment. So we must be careful as “we” can all be zealous for God, but in the wrong place like Elijah had been…When God really, really wanted you somewhere else “in” His will….and imitating Him there!

And NOT you telling God what to do with you, and then asking Him to lead you latter, when your actually now late, cuz you got side tracked…”hindered” Paul called it in bible in (Gal 5:7-8)…actually the meaning is beaten back, or knocked off intended course, (Heb 12:1)

And maybe you were wondering why you feel like nothing is really going right? “We” are to run diligently the race “intended for us to run”. ( see also vines dictionary of strongs G5143 can read it at blueletterbible .org) …We are to ALWAYS be led by the Spirit as His children!! (Rom 8:14 )

First priority daily…should be ask Father God WHAT should I do, then WHERE, and WHEN!.. Our Father speaks to us, directs us by His Spirit and word…we are suppose to listen to His voice and follow (imitate)….And give God the glory that Jesus intended for us to give God ! (Mat 5:16, John 17:22)

Because one day all our works shall be tried to see what sort it is… (1Cor 3:13)…Only that which God intended and done in obedience will last like Gold.

And YOU will then be glad you listened… and Be very Blessed!… In Greek Obedience= To listen! 😉 …

To clearly follow the narrow road and stay in the light!   Pastor Ernie Harpster

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